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Beach cleanings

At the core of our ethos is a commitment to giving back. As Ocean Lovers, we extend our gratitude to nature for allowing us to pursue our passion daily. 
In La Guajira, the issue of plastic pollution looms large, prompting us to take action. We regularly organize beach cleanups in collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation, striving to combat plastic pollution and preserve the pristine beauty of our beloved ocean.

Garbage Bags

Support Ináy

We’re right in the heart of Wayuu land, where we care a lot about the next gen and indigenous cultures. That’s why we’ve got your back, supporting the Inay Foundation helping kids in Colombia. Most importantly, we’re stoked to pass on the love for our awesome sport to the next generation! We also organise english lessons, which open new opportunities to the locals.

At present, Inay is actively engaged in the construction of a school in La Sierra Nevada for Bunkwamake, marking the foundation’s most ambitious undertaking to date. This initiative follows the completion of a kitchen last year for the Ishotshimana Wayuu community.

You want to help ? We constantly receive material donations for the kids. Contact us to know the current necessity!

If you want to dive deeper, just check out this page for more info.

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